074 Fit CrRzLeCe Morpho amanthontes.jpg
A Cattleheart butterfly.
123 CrRzLeCrRzSh.jpg
A Spotted Amberwing butterfly.
(Family Nymphalidae)
Brush-footed Butterflies / Contains 6,000+ species around the world !!

* Members of the "Brush Footed" family of butterflies use their two front legs for tasting food, and their two pairs of rear legs for propulsion !

(Family Papilionidae)
Swallowtails / Contains 600+ species around the world !!
IMG_1745 CrRzLe CrRzLeCeShShBWh2.5Lo.jpg
A Cabbage butterfly.
A Skipper butterfly.
(Family Pieridae)
Whites & Sulphurs / Contains 1,000+ species around the world !!
(Family Hesperlidae)
Skippers  *Contains 3,000+ species around the world !!
 (Family Lycaenidae)
Gossamer-winged Butterflies *Contains 5,000+ species around the world !!
(We currently show no Lycaenidae butterflies.)
 (Family Riodinidae)
Metalmarks *Contains 1,000+ species around the world !!
(We currently show no Riodinidae butterflies.)