Butterfly populations are a very good indicator of the health of an area's ecosystem !!

Also known as  a Blue Banded Purplewing , Tropical Blue Wave , Whitened Blue Wave ,  Royal Blue

    The underside of the Blue Wave is camouflaged in colors of gray and brown, resembling bark.

     It uses fermenting fruit rather than flowers to feed on for nourishment.

    The length of it's fore wings reaches about 34–36 mm (1.3–1.4 in).

    The dorsal sides of the upper wings are bright blue with white transverse bands and white spots.

     The sapphire blue of the upper wings may appear to be black or neon blue depending on how the light is reflected.

     It is found from sea level to 700 m (2,300 ft) on the Atlantic slopes and is associated with rain forest habitats

in Central America and northern South America, from Mexico to HondurasCosta RicaPanamaVenezuela,

 Ecuador, and Peru.