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Portrait Sittings
Pet Shoots
   Pet shoots, like Portrait shoots, are done in the location of your choice.
   (Our recommendation is that pet shoots be done in a surrounding familiar to the subject, in order to get a better result from a happier, more relaxed animal.
Your Location - $200                                                Studio - $300
*Price is for the final image, sent to you for processing as you choose.
Product Shoots
   Product shoots are also done on the site of your choice. 
Your Location - $75 per hr / 2 hr. min.            Daily Rate - $400 / 6  hrs.
*Price is for the final image, sent to you for your processing, as you choose
Real Estate Shoots
 Individual Properties - $130 per property / 2 hr. min. on site.
Commercial Properties - $250 per property / 3 hr. min. on site.
   Real Estate shoots include interior, exterior, yard, land, out buildings and special features. (* Photography only / Does not include any cleaning or staging of property.) 
​   At Glenn Conant Studios, in addition to archival fine art photography and visual art, we do a lot of portrait work and pet photography.
   We offer our portrait shoots either in the subjects usual surroundings, which we recommend, or in our studio, which can produce stunning effects, but does not tend to put the subject at ease, as his own surroundings do.
   This applies to an even greater degree in our pet shoots, where the animal invariably is easier to shoot, and much more natural and relaxed in its own home or surroundings.
   After the shoot, our images are then processed as necessary, and forwarded to you in the manner you choose, for your use in whatever way you choose. (We can print the images in 8 x 11", 11 x 14" or 16 x 20" size, (all sizes approx.)  for an additional charge, and we can also frame and matt to a finished piece, in the corresponding  sizes 14 x 17", 18 x 22" or 24 x 28" size, (all sizes approx.) (There are numerous options, including matt colors, and metal or wood frames and frame colors, )
   We typically use metallic paper for our printing needs, as we find that it gives the more sophisticated look that we prefer, but we can also print on conventional matt paper, or even go with the framless "Canvas Gallery Wraps", if you're looking for a less traditional, more contemporary finished piece.
   When doing real estate photography, we do both residential and commercial, with separate pricing for each.  
   At Glenn Conant Studios, we expect 100% customer satisfaction, and we treat our customers as we ourselves would expect to be treated.
   Please contact us by phone or e-mail, to discuss a job that you need us to do, or to discuss the possibility of doing work that we have not listed.

Glenn Conant
​   Portrait sittings are done in the location of the subject's choice.
   (Our recommendation is that the sitting be done in surroundings familiar to the subject, as this invariably  produces a more relaxed, confident image.)
Your Location - $200                                                  Studio - $300
* Price is for the final image, sent to you for processing as you choose.
(*Travel time and costs outside Chittenden County, Vt. are not included in this pricing.)
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